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There are many ways to speak with students, but engaging content is king. That includes sponsored articles and videos (“native content”), discounts, competitions and more! Through personalisation, we can make sure our members get the right content at the right time in their lives.

Partner with our Editorial team to develop sponsored articles or videos. As youth experts, we know how to speak to young people.

With native content you can:

  • Communicate your message in a relatable tone. 
  • Improve brand affiliation and advocacy.
  • Be part of content that matters to 
    our members.

Help make student life easier by offering an exclusive discount to our members.

By downloading the Student Edge app, our members can locate deals near them and redeem simply by presenting the app in-store. They can also save online with promo codes, exclusive links and custom features on your website. 

We’ll create a tailored marketing campaign that will boost engagement, increase site traffic and cart sizes, and deliver more young people to your stores!

Got a message you want to send to students, like a time-sensitive event or a can’t-miss opportunity?

Here’s how we can put you directly in touch with our student database: 

  • Targeted email & SMS
  • Onsite advertising
  • Social media

Take the guesswork out of understanding young people. By unlocking their thoughts, behaviours and motivations, Our team of experienced market research specialists at YouthInsight help clients see the world through the eyes of young people.

We handle all projects with a custom approach to suit your specific needs. This can include:

  • online surveys
  • focus groups
  • UX and CX research
  • brand tracking and more

We are Australia’s premier youth-focused research agency, with access to Australia’s largest online youth panel (of 145,000+ young people). We conduct national surveys with efficiency, and can quickly recruit 14 to 29 year-olds for our qualitative research projects. Find out more about our panel services here.

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