What is Student Edge and what do we stand for?

Our aims, our vision and our values.

Student Edge was started in 2003 by four students from Willetton Senior High School in Perth. They recognised the gap between the school curriculum and essential life skills not taught in classrooms.
Of particular concern was the pressure placed on students to choose the subjects that would determine their career pathway. This is an extremely daunting prospect at 15, with little support besides a 600-page career profile book.
Student Edge helps students stretch their allowances further in the face of rising costs of living
We help students navigate their way through student life and better prepare them for adulthood, with no hidden or political agendas.
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Our Aims

To help students save money and better manage their finances.

To help students find jobs.

To help students make well-informed career and life choices

Our Vision

A world where students are empowered and supported to make great life choices in their journey’s.
We improve and enrich the lives of students by inspiring them to get motivated and do something great with their lives, supporting them with discounts and a platform to share their opinions and empowering them with useful information to make great life choices!
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Our Values

Students First

Because our member are at the forefront of everything we do.


Because we believe in driving change for the better.


Because knowledge is a great enabler.


Because together we can achieve more.


Because there is value in belonging.


Because ownership means taking responsibility.


Because without trust there is nothing