Three Students

Everyone knows the feeling.

You get to a certain age and suddenly you’re asked to make massive decisions about your future—with loads of pressure on you and lots of overwhelming information. It’s sort of like finding your way out of a foreign jungle alone, with no compass.

We grew frustrated watching many students with wonderful potential go through this process, only to become discouraged, overwhelmed, and go down a path they later regret.

So our founders (pictured above) started Student Edge in their parents living room to support students through this journey.

Today, we’re Australia’s favourite student membership, helping more young people feel empowered to stop biting their nails and start rolling up their sleeves. 

Our Aims


Helping members to make informed career and life choices


Supporting members to make $$’s whilst navigating student life


Saving $$’s on everyday purchases to help stretch the student income
deals final

Our Vision

Create a success story for every student.


Our Values

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