Young People’s Perception and Use of Generative AI.

Gen Z students are using AI tools to learn, but they are worried about how AI will affect their future. They need to be taught how to use Generative AI tools responsibly and how to evaluate the information they generate critically.

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Key areas covered.

The skills and confidence of young people in using generative AI tools, such as their ability to determine the accuracy of AI-generated information, their trust in these tools, and their verification methods

The views of young people on the impact of generative AI tools on various aspects of their lives, such as their education, work, society, and personal well-being.

The advantages and disadvantages of Gen AI tools on factors, such as their impact on creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.

The opinions of young people on the ethical and regulatory issues related to generative AI tools, such as ownership, accountability, transparency, fairness, and privacy.

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