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Young Students Talking To Each Other Gen Z

Engaging content is king.

There are many ways to speak with students, and we know what content resonates with them.

Your Choice of Production.

DoorDash Vox Pop Model

Student Edge Editorial

Our in-house Content Producers can transform any message into an engaging format for the Gen Z audience. They will handle all ideation, production and publishing elements.

iPad Challenge Apple Model

Content Creator Network

Unleash the creative power and authentic voice of Gen Z. Our content creator network can develop tailor-made video assets, used to support any initiative or brand objective.

Get the right message, to the right member, at the right time.

Targeted Media Model


Quick, direct, cost-effective medium. Flexible to tailor emails in dynamic layouts and unique brand creative to maximise impact.​


Highly effective in driving direct action. This medium has the best engagement rate given its ability for hyper-targeting and personalisation.​

Social Media Amplification

A portion of the total partnership spend can be invested into social amplification, whether boosting posts or running paid media.


Traditional digital display across all platforms (ie finance/money takeovers)

We offer customised targeting for each of our channels based on these key factors.

Targeting by Demographic

Age, gender, level of study (high school, TAFE, university), area of study, postcode radius.

Targeting by Behaviour

Most engaged (last login date), engaged with similar brand, engaged with similar category, engaged with similar content.​

Reach New Customers

Unique targeting audiences who have never received your branded content before. Broadening awareness of your brand and offering.


Retarget audiences who have previously engaged such as opened eDMs, clicked tiles or clicked links. This helps close the loop.

Mock up Targeted MEdia

Engage your brand with our members.

Student Deals

Our most popular offering is student deals, where our members can save money on their favourite brands.

This space is ideal for targeted discounts or general brand promotion.

Deals are the most effective hook to engage young people with your brand.


Giveaways can help paint a more favourable image of your brand.

We provide two avenues when running competitions.

  1. Using internal mechanics such as 25 Words or Less, Quizzes, and Photo Comps. We handle all admin and permits.
  2. Hosting an external listing of any competition you have upcoming to generate greater awareness and leads.

Native Articles

Communicate your brand’s unique value to students in an engaging way using native articles.

With a native article, you can provide insight into the various offerings your brand has for students, and how it can benefit them.

We can express your brand’s offerings into two types:

  1. Product Based
    • If you have a product that can make student life easier, whether that may be a pair of headphones, a laptop, or even handbags, a native article can really showcase its value.
  2. Experience Based
    • Have you got an amazing event that you think students can really benefit from? A native article can provide you with the platform to highlight event details to entice students to attend

Engage your brand with our members.

Youth Insight RGB Long Positive


YouthInsight is a research arm of Student Edge with a focus on understanding Gen Z and Gen Alpha. With over 200,000 panel members nationwide, YouthInsight has Australia’s largest online youth panel.

YouthInsight tailors all projects to the goals and needs of your brand. This can include:

  • online surveys
  • focus groups
  • UX and CX research
  • brand tracking and more

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